There's beauty everywhere if we only stop and look.

The intent of my paintings is to find it and show it.


I am a UK based Italian artist and I love creating my own original art, reproducing or reinterpreting great paintings and painting portraits. I paint from photographs, nature and imagination and I draw my inspiration from a variety of aspects of life: past, present and future. I find many art periods and movements appealing, although I am particularly fascinated by the works of the Old Masters of the Renaissance period and onwards.


Each time I start a new project I am thrilled as I embark on a journey that brings with it new challenges, expectations and finally the joy and satisfaction of the finished work.


I enjoy handling paint, experimenting with various supports and mediums, and exploring new styles. I have a ready made portfolio of both reproductions and originals, which are mainly portraits, but I also work on projects and welcome commissions.


Thank you for your interest!