Support & Format

Standard Price

6" x 6" (15 x 15 cm) canvas/canvas board


7" x 5" (18 x 13 cm) canvas/canvas board


8" x 6" (20 x 15 cm) canvas/canvas board


8" x 8" (20 x 20 cm) canvas/canvas board


10" x 8" (25 x 20 cm) canvas/canvas board


12" x 10" (30 x 25 cm) canvas/canvas board

14" x 11" (35 x 28 cm) canvas/canvas board £270
15" x 11" (38 x 28 cm) 1/4 imp HP paper £290
16" x 12" (40 x 30 cm) canvas/canvas board £320
18" x 14" (46 x 36 cm) canvas/canvas board £420
20" x 16" (50 x 40 cm) canvas/canvas board £500



SUBJECTS & BACKGROUNDS: The prices above are for portraits with one subject/figure. As size increases, extra subjects can be painted for an additional cost ranging from £30 to £60 (depending on size) each. The portrait will be painted with a plain/diffused neutral background color, alternatively a different background (as in "Axel, Australian shepherd") or a scenic background can be painted for an additional cost ranging from £10 to £60 (depending on type and size).

SUPPORT & MATERIAL: I use professional grade paint and quality canvases (predominantly smooth or medium grain). The 1/4 imp HP size paper is Bockingford 300gms, a smooth watercolor paper, durable and of high quality. If you have in mind a size or a combination of size-support that is not listed above, custom sizes and supports (e.g. different size paper or canvas paper or wood panel) can be arranged on request.

DEPOSIT: Commissions cannot be guaranteed unless either the full amount is paid in advance or a 20% non-refundable deposit is placed.

SHIPPING COSTS are not included in the prices above and will be added to the total (these vary depending on size and destination).

HOW LONG: Depending on size, number of subjects, medium, style, difficulty and waiting times (due to other projects), portraits can take from a week to a month or longer to complete. When I finish the portrait I will show it to commissioner and if they're completely satisfied (there might be space for some minor adjustments),  I will then ship it accordingly.


Please don't hesitate to CONTACT ME to discuss options or for any other query.