Alongside painting original artwork I also rather enjoy painting reproductions of works by famous artists. If you'd like to have one of these famous paintings, but simply can't afford them (originals can cost a fortune!), then why not buy one of my reproductions?


Take a look at my Old Masters reproductions: Renaissance Old Masters series

And my work from the Illuminated Manuscripts: Medieval Bestiaries series


Please read below about the current reproductions market and why my reproductions are a good choice.




Nowadays the market is flooded with many cheap reproductions. Usually these are made and dispatched very quickly, but they aren't 100% hand painted or they are of low quality. 

In the first instance, usually the image of the original painting is printed on the canvas and then a few details or brush strokes are added on top to make it look like it's been painted manually. 

In the second case, the painting may have been painted by hand but not very well and the result maybe very poor indeed and not bear much resemblance to the original. Sometimes you will even see photographs of the originals but not photos of the reproductions that they're trying to sell.

In many cases I've noticed that cheap "reproductions" of Old Masters' work lack luminosity and, more importantly, depth and therefore look flat, unlike the original. This is because most of these original works usually involved (esp. portraits and figure painting) the use of some monochrome underpainting (verdaccio, grisaille, etc.) on top of which several thin layers of paint would be painted to achieve depth and luminosity that simply can't be obtained by painting "alla prima" (directly) or by not applying glazes.

That's why cheap reproductions can be made very quickly and be very... cheap!




I, on the other hand, am a a firm believer that reproductions need to be 100% hand painted, and the techniques should resemble as much as possible the ones used by the original artist. All this takes skills, a huge amount of effort, patience and time to make and I am proud to say that all my reproductions are 100% hand painted and of the highest quality.


If you are interested in purchasing a reproduction you can choose among one of the paintings that are available for sale. If you want a different size or the reproduction of another painting you can contact me with your inquiry about a commission.