My first blog: Two medieval beasts


Hello there and welcome to my first blog!


I'll try to update this section regularly with all the news related to my art. As I have already a good portfolio of paintings available for sale, I might as well start by introducing them a little bit at a time, starting from the older ones.

In September 2014 I decided it was time to turn back to my passion, which I had neglected for too many years, as I drifted along the currents of too many jobs.

My first painting was a reproduction of a medieval wild boar from an Illuminated Manuscript from the Middle Ages. I just loved painting all the wild colors, the golden stars in the blue sky in the background, the weird, childish shapes of the trees and those human-like eyes! 


He's a funny looking fellow, isn't he?



I was quite satisfied with the boar, so I went ahead and painted another animal in a similar scenario, this time a creature that symbolizes elegance and beauty, a swan.

I really had a good time painting these two animals, I hope you like them.


 In the next post I am going to talk about my very first portrait.



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